Sutra Day


So, if you keep up with this blog you will note that last week I talked about applying self-control into your daily life. If you were able to do that, even for just one day, then good for you!  Today, I have a new sutra and practice for you to implement in your life.

Yoga Sutra 2.1

Tapah SvādhyāyeŚvara Praṇidhānāni Kriyā Yogaḥ.


Accepting pain as help for purification, study of spiritual books,

and surrender to the Supreme Being constitute Yoga in practice.

Austerities come whether we are prepared for them or not. It is through those difficult times we learn the most about ourselves and we know that to be true, but yet we still try our best to shy away from those situations. There will always be a fluctuation between good and bad, it isn’t soemthing to esacpe but if we can become a witness to those fluctuations rather than the pawn being moved to and fro then we become unaffected by this world.

The nature of the mind is to chase after pleasure, to satisfy the mind to no end. When obstacles come our way our thoughts are ‘how can I get around this?’ rather we should be thankful for these situations because these things that life throws at us can have purifying effects on the mind. So as we accept these difficulties our mind can start to become steadfast and strong and ultimately becoming a witness to these events.

From these obstacles we learn the art of self-discipline. Self-discipline is deliverance to spiritual progress. An example of this practice and how I apply it to my life is through the study of scripture. It is the thought of progressing spiritually that keeps me motivated. If you are reading this and also study scripture then you know that it isn’t just reading the words for what they are and then turning the page. It is reading with your heart and then applying it to your life the best you can. It is through the practice of self-discipline that draws us closer to God.

So whether you attempt to run, bike, meditate, practice yoga physically or what have you self-discipline can be applied to your life. Try your best for the next week to instill this beautiful practice.

OM Peace Peace Peace!


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